Terms and Conditions

Due to the difficulty in getting replacement parts, I regret to inform my value customers that I am unable to repair DAB Radios, ICE, and will not be accepting them for repair.

Radios are repaired in the order that they are received; once they are received they are inspected for damage in transit, and then packed

up and put into a dry, cool storage room while they wait for their turn to be inspected; I will not accept any liability for damaged or lost equipment while in transit to and from my repair service.
When a radio’s turn comes up it is moved to the workbench and repaired if possible, if parts are required to repair the radio that are not in stock the parts are ordered and the radio is reassembled and  wrapped up and put back into the storage room while the parts arrive.

Radios that have parts arrive are given priority and jump the inspection queue so that they can be repaired and return to their owners as quickly as possible.

In the event that the replacement parts are very expensive, for example the replacement of PA Transistors, I will contact you prior to ordering the components.

Direct replacement parts will be used, but in the case of Mitsubishi power transistors for example which are no longer in production
quality equivalents will be used, being supplied from reliable quality component sources.

If no equivalent components are available, the radio will be repaired either using a replacement circuit board and or compatible components.

I advertise my contact hours on this website as an indication of when I wish my customers to phone me, if you e-mail me it will be as a minimum read and answered once a day.

I don’t have a shop my customers can visit or any sort of sales outlet, and due to health and safety reasons I don’t invite anybody to visit me in the workshop.

Please note that I don’t repair radios as my primary occupation, this work is undertaken in the evenings and weekends.

Servicing of Radio Equipment

1.   Contact with the owners is generally by E-mail, but I can text you if that is your preferred method.

1A. Please put your Radio make and model in all communications.

2.   Turnaround times vary, call or e-mail for the current workload.

3.   All radios are repairable as long as the parts are available, and we will repair radios that have sentimental value and that may be considered uneconomical to repair because the repair cost exceeds the second hand value of the radio if that is the customer’s choice.

4.   If repairs are going to exceed the estimated value of the radio or £300 (not including shipping) then you will be called prior to the purchasing of the components to repairing the unit.

5.   If the customer chooses not to have the radio repaired we expect to return the radio to them, if you don’t want the radio returned please e-mail me stating you don’t want the radio back, and you give permission for me to take ownership of it so that it can be recycled as a source of difficult to obtain parts to repair other customers' radios.

6.   A verbal estimate of the radio is based on the customer’s description of the problem and can’t be considered anything other than a good guess based on previous experience without being able to perform a test and inspection of the radio.

7.   I charge £19.67 per hour with a minimum non-refundable charge of £30.00 for the specialist work I undertake at my discretion which doesn’t include radio equipment repair.

7A.   I charge a non-refundable charge to cover a minimum of 3 hours labour £60.00 in total for the evaluation and estimate of a radio repairs which includes performing an inspection of the condition of the radio, some minor repairs as and when required, and also covers the cost of any components used in these repairs which in turn allows the radio to operate and allows me to be able to as far as possible to test the radios performance and diagnose any issues that radio has, and provide a recommendation of what work is required and the expected cost of that work to carried out.

7B.   If you are sending two radios as one radio repair then the minimum non-refundable 3 hours labour charge is divided equally between the two radios.

7C.   I will not accept more than two radios as one radio repair under the minimum 3 hours labour rule 7A for the evaluation and estimate of a radio repairs unless it has been agreed in advance.

8.   No work will be undertaken until the estimate cost has been paid.


Power Amplifier output transistors and valves are not covered under warranty because of the ease with which they can be destroyed if not connected to a correctly terminated antenna system or are over driven.

Radios are tested by leaving them on for at lease 8 hours to confirm that the radio is going to be reliable when it is returned to the customer, if the radio fails during this test period an email is sent to the customer, and the radio is put back into repair queue to have another inspection and diagnosis performed on it.

Unless otherwise noted, all repaired units carry a 30-day warranty. This warranty covers the repairs we made to the radio, and the parts we installed. It does not cover the entire radio.

It must be understood that you don't remove the security stickers or the radio covers or in any way change the internal components and alignment of the radio, and if you do, this invalidates the repair warranty.

In the event that your radio stops working after a repair please email me at your earliest opportunity.

Extending the transmission range of a radio (Wide banding)

If I wideband a transceiver at the owner's request, or repair a failed attempt at wide banding a transceiver there is no guarantee that after the transceiver has been wide banded that it will operate correctly, or as expected, and will not be irreparably damaged if the transceiver is used on a frequency that is outside the transceiver's designed frequency bands especially if it is used to transmit.

Firmware updates

Although I use the best equipment and software to perform the updating of the radio's firmware because it is possible for this upgrade process to unexpectedly fail, and in some cases leaving the radio unusable or unrecoverable (Bricked); the owner of the radio accepts that in the event of a failure of a firmware update I take no responsibility for the radio in the event of such a failure.


Will you please put your Name, Address, E-mail address, and Telephone number, and a brief description of the radio’s problem in the box with the radio, so I can relate each of the radios I receive with the conversations I have had with their owners about them.

In the event that you fail to provide your contact details along with the radio and I have to write to you to obtain them, there is an additional £25.00 administration fee.

No repair work will be undertaken unless you provide your contact details.

Tracking of Parcels

Please email me at np262@yahoo.com when you have sent your radio to me, and include the tracking number.

Payment for postage

The customer is expected to pay for the transportation of the radios to me and from me after the repair, I recommended that you ship the radio in its original packaging where it is available, or to wrap the radio in bubble wrap and package in a good quality box.

Postage recommendations

I recommend that the radio is insured against damage in transit, tracked, and signed for on delivery; I will not accept any liability for damaged or lost equipment while in transit to and from my repair service, but I will render all possible assistance in the event that any piece of equipment is lost or damaged in transit. In the event that a parcel is returned due to courier service error, I will not be held responsible for the additional postage cost involved in returning the radio.

Delivering Radios in person
Due to the Covid-19, we are allowing the delivery of radios to us in person at our discretion. Please phone me to request delivery in person.

Payments for radio repairs

Please either send me a Cheque made out to Mr N. Parker, or request my bank details by e-mail if you would like to do a bank transfer.

I am sorry but I don't use PayPal

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

By sending your radio to me for repair, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.